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We will not offer any refunds for any reason on camps missed (including extended care & pizza)
$30 transfer fee assessed per child. 

Dates: Sign ups begin 3/01/2023

Level 1 & 2
Ages 6+
July 31st - Aug 2nd
8:30a - 11:30a
Cost: $155
Sibling discount: $5

You can stay after for General Camp (11:30a-3:00p) for an additional cost.
Tumbling for Dancers plus General camp cost: $235

Level 3+ (must meet skill requirements)
Ages 6+

July 31st - Aug 2nd
12:30p- 3:30p
Cost: $155
Sibling discount: $5

You can come early for General Camp (8:30a-12:30p) for an additional cost.
Tumbling for Dancers plus General camp cost: $235

There are skill requirements for each level.
Please email if you are confused about which level you should enroll in.

Extended Care 7:30am - 5:30pm    
All Fees listed below are flat fees. No refunds, credits, or transfers on extended care for any reason.      

Single Day Extended Care:  $20.00 flat fee 
Weekly Extended Care:  $75/$65 short week  

Late Pick Up Fees: 
$40 late pick up fee:  Camp is over at 12:30 or 3:00 depending on the camp enrolled.  If you are past 12:40 or 3:10, there will automatically be a $40 late pick up fee assessed. 
$25 late pick up fee for extended care:  If you are past 5:35, there will be an automatic $25 late pick up fee assessed.   

You may not drop off before 7:30a if enrolled in extended care. If you are not enrolled in extended care, you may not drop off before the scheduled camp start time. 

*Extended Care is a down time where campers can play with electronics, color or draw, play board games, or other activities.  We may go out on the equipment from time to time, but generally we will be in the lobby at tables or on the gymnastics floor playing games during this time.

What will we do?

Each session will first & foremost be dedicated to perfecting any acro or tumbling skills they may currently have or working through any fundamental skills they are lacking. 

The rest of the session will be pushing for that one skill they almost have or learning new skills through safe progressions.

In all sessions, we will be teaching to each dancers individual needs, what interests them, or what they need for a particular genre of dance.  There are so many skills and combinations of skills, we will keep them busy!

What should I wear?

A leotard or form fitting athletic clothes (no baggy clothing or things hanging off your leo or clothing)
No shoes or socks out on the gymnastics floor
Hair pulled back
May change clothes if desired if staying for after care


You have two choices for food, you can bring your own food, drinks, and snacks, or you can purchase pizza and a drink for $10 per child any day of the week.
You can sign up for pizza any day of the week through your parent portal.

Pizza must be signed up & paid for by 1:00 pm the day before. No refunds on pizza for any reason once it is paid.

You can purchase snack & drink punch cards through your parent portal!!

For any questions or more information please email
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