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Camp Procedures

These are in conjunction & addition to the camp regulations you agreed to when you signed up for your camp!  Please bear with us, as we are trying to still run a business, give kids an outlet, and provide child care for working parents while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We will do our best to follow all of our protocols/procedures at all times.  However, by leaving your house & going to any public place, you are assuming risk of coming in to contact/exposure of covid 19.  We cannot guarantee 100% safety.

Due to the nature & volatility of the times, we cannot issue any refunds for any camp for any reason.  We can issue credits for some camps.  Please keep in touch with us if you are not coming to camp for any reason.

General Dos & Dont's

  • No spectators/siblings/parents in the gym

  • Only Campers & Camp workers will be aloud in the gym

  • Must be signed up & paid in full prior to arriving (this includes before & after care)

  • Sack Lunches Only (all containers/bags/etc..must be disposable)

  • No drink containers w/ straws.  Your drink container must be able to be completely sealed (no sonic cups, yetis w/ straws, etc...)

  • Per TN State Guidelines, our water fountain is closed until further notice.

  • We have snacks & drinks to purchase from our vending machine if needed.

  • No additional bags, purses, extra clothes, games, stuffed animals, etc.  Shoes & disposable sack lunch & snack only.

  • At the beginning of the week, you will be given a piece of paper that you will need upon pick up.  Please keep it in your car.  If you do not have your paper, you will need to show your ID to pick up your child, holding up the line....

Drop Off Procedures

  • Pull up to the front door & park.  Please stay in your car until, instructors waive your child to the sidewalk.  You are welcome to get out with your child!

  • Your camp instructors will take your temperature with a no touch thermometer & send you in the to the gym to put up your lunch & shoes.  Temp may not be above 99.

  • Drop off times:

    • 8:30:  general camp.  

    • Later Drop Offs:  If you come later in the day, the doors will be locked.  You will need to call your camp instructor or call the gym, and they will come out to get your child & check them in to camp.

Pick Up Procedures:

  • Pull up to the front with your paper you were given at drop off, and place it visibly on the dash of your car.

  • We will bring your kids out to you.  You must have your paper.

  • Pick up time is at 3:00.  Unless you are enrolled in After Care.

  • If you are not there for pick up time, your child will be automatically enrolled in After Care at the rate of $25 per child.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • After Care pick Up.  Pull up to the front.  Head to the vestibule.  Tell the front desk person you are here to pick up from camp.  You will need to show your ID, and we will call for you child to come out.  

  • 5:30 is the latest you may pick your child up from the gym.  If you are later than 5:35 your account will automatically be charged an additional $25 late fee per child.  NO EXCEPTIONS

General Camp & Safety Procedures:

  • Workers will wear masks & gloves if needed.  Masks will be on whenever any instructor is with in 10 ft of any child.  Sometimes our instructors need to step away from any children to pull their mask down to breath

  • Along with hand sanitizing after each rotation, all stations will be wiped down after each group's rotation.

  • Small groups of classes may be going on in the gym during camp, however, during those times, at least one group of campers will be in the front building or outside doing activities, so our classes & camp camp be more spread out in our 20k foot facility.

  • We will have separate lunches for camp groups, so they can spread out during lunch as well.

  • One person in the bathroom at a time.  Bathroom is sanitized frequently through out the day.  

  • Through out the gym there is sanitizing stations, so anyone can sanitize at any time, and we may recommend it through out the day if we see your child touching his/her face or blowing their nose, etc...

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms such as, but not limited to, runny nose, shortnes of breath, coughing, diarrhea, upset stomach, chronic head ache, or fever will not be permitted in the gym, and cannot return until a negative covid19 test is proven.

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