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Homeschool Gymnastics, Ninja, and

Trampoline Combo Class

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When: Every Wednesday from 1:00p-2:15p

Cost: $97.75 per month plus annual $50 Registration Fee for one child or $95 for family

What will we do each week?

  • Each class we will have a fun warm up, and then go through a series of Gymnastics, Ninja, and Trampoline circuits. 

What are the ages?  

  • Kindergarten - 5th grade (if we get a group of older kids, we would love to have an additional middle school group come at a later time 2:30p-3:45p)

How many kids will be in the class?

  • During this time of day, there are no other classes in the gym.  The home school group will have the entire gym (other than a few privates lessons may be going on in remote areas of the gym).  

  • We have the ability to separate the groups in the gym with different teachers.  No group will have more than 8, and the stations will be spread out.

  • We hope to have enough to break up age groups.

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