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Gym Mission Statement: 

At Summit Sports Center, we are devoted to providing outstanding gymnastics related sports training to inspire our students to achieve more than they ever thought possible in a safe environment that nurtures the whole athlete to flourish in health, wellness, and vitality.  

Gym Philosophy: 

Our philosophy is based upon the belief that every child can learn not only the skills of gymnastics, tumbling, or any of our other programs, but also a variety of skills necessary for success in life. Independence & self-reliance, goal setting & achieving, failure & strife, listening & correcting, discipline & repetition all go hand in hand with individual sports training.  As coaches, we are charged with helping to develop these specific attributes & character traits in our students, in ourselves, and co-workers.  It is through this mindset that all of our programs will thrive, and our athletes will develop and advance at optimal rates.  To maintain this philosophy, we must hold ourselves to a high standard and encourage our athletes in a direction of personal fulfillment. 

Summit Sports Center began in 2012 right here in Nolensville.  We began our journey in the building that now houses Mill Creek Brewery.  In 2013, we moved across the street to the 2011 Johnson Industrial Blvd building.  When we first moved in, we had no air conditioning, a corner of the building, and little equipment.  Over the years, we grew & thrived in this amazing community, taking over almost the entire building by 2018. 


In 2019, our new building was finally finished, and we moved into our current building... a 28,000 square foot facility w/ tons of equipment including in ground pits & us the ability to accommodate preschool classes to high level competitive athletes from all over Middle Tennessee. Since we moved in, we have continued to grow & upgrade the facility.  We look forward to serving this town for many years to come!

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