Trampoline & Tumbling is an amazing sport highlighting the tumbling & trampoline aspect of gymnastics.  Athletes bounce a special trampoline bed far superior in "bounce range" than traditional black bed/back yard trampolines or those at trampoline parks.  Athletes tumble on rod floors instead of regular spring, which again, help them bound higher & faster.  Double Mini is an event similar to vault in gymnastics in which athletes get a running start to flip on & off a "mini" trampoline.  
Now that you know what T & T is, come check out our amazing 20k square foot facility, boasting two rod floors, in & above ground trampolines, double mini, 2 tumbling tracks, springs floors, a huge foam pit, and of course all your standard gymnastics equipment!
We have a recreational Trampoline & Tumbling classes as well as a Competitive Team!

To sign up for a trial class, click here or email for questions!  To see the full schedule & info in PDF format got to our home page & click Class Schedule to the box on the left.
We will be holding a sanctioned USTA competition April 4th!  See the flier below for details.


2015 B Johnson Industrial Blvd

Nolensville, Tennessee 37135
(615) 776-2550

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