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Competitive Team Procedures

We will do our best to follow all of these protocols at all times.  Please understand you are assuming risk of exposure to covid 19 by leaving the house & attending any public place.  We cannot guarantee anyone 100% safety.


Due to the nature & volatility of the times, we cannot issue any refunds or credits for any practices missed for any reason, including a gym wide shut down.   

  • Drop off/check in procedures:

    • Drive up to the back door of the gym.

    • Coaches will be at the door or outside waiting for everyone at the scheduled time.

    • Your athlete’s temperature will be taken with a “no touch” thermometer.  It must be below 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Once in the gym, there will be a hand sanitizing station.  They must sanitize their hands before entering the rest of the gym.

    • Once in the gym and sanitized, they will need to immediately put all their belongings in their locker.

    • Rec classes have separate areas, but we ask anytime they leave the team area to go to the bathroom or front desk, they need to wear their mask.

    • They need to wear a mask when entering the building and until warm up starts.

    • Please tell your children when in line for equipment/rotations to keep their distance.  

    • This is a shared responsibility.  You must talk to your children about these procedures.  We are not 100% responsible.  You & your family also have a responsibility to have some kind of protocols when not at the gym as well to do your best to protect your family from bringing exposureto covid19 into the gym.

Spectators:  Beginning August 10th, we will allow one parent in the lobby.  All customers must wear mask when in the gym.

FOOD:  for 4 hour practices, the girls need a quick snack break.  Snack times will be weather permitting, and all snacks need to be completely disposable.  

WATER:  Your water bottle must have a sealed lid….ABSOLUTELY no sonic cups, or lids w/ straws….must have bottles that are able to be sealed.

Protective Measures: 

  • Coaches will wear masks when with in 6ft of any child.  Mask will be on & hands will be sanitized prior to spotting.

  • There will be sanitizing stations throughout the gym

  • We will continuously remind the girls to stay apart & set up our drills/stations 6 ft apart. 

  • We will be wiping down equipment after rotation/practice.

Pick Up: will still be at the back door

  • Please be in the drop off line at the scheduled time

  • The girls will be ready to be picked up at the ending time for practice

  • Please pull up to the back door, and we will drop them off to you

  • Please be on time for your pick up

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