This is the first independent class where children begin to explore the fantastic world of gymnastics with Mom & Dad watching from our lobby! Our small ratio of 6 athletes to 1 instructor guarantees that each class will be structured, safe, educational, and most importantly – FUN! This class focuses on body awareness, control relevant to gymnastics, general coordination, gymnastics verbiage, body shapes, and fundamental gymnastics skills to start introducing more developed skills such as the forward & backward roll, handstand, and cartwheel. This class will also help your child learn to participate happily in a group environment!

To sign up for a trial class go to Home Page & Click on Customer Portal!  For any questions email info@summitsportscenter.com or call 615-776-2550 (best time to all is 9a-2p)

















If you have any questions, please contact us here: info@summitsportscenter.com


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