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This is a class specifically designed for the competition dancer desiring to learn & improve tumbling skills as well as "floor work". Dancers have specific skills they need to be competitive in dance, and in this class, skills will be tailored to the individual dancer’s needs once they have built a strong foundation. Side aerials, front aerials, valdez, spider, kip ups, rubber bands, Back Hand Springs, Back Hand Spring step outs,…are "tip of the iceberg" examples of skills we may practice in Level 2 and up.  We will also work toward skill combinations and unique tumbling passes that highlight each dancer’s strengths! 

We only allow competitive dancers into this program.  We separate these students from our regular recreational tumbling classes.   We know as competitive dancers, you are taking tumbling for a higher purpose, and this is a more intense & focused class.  Our instructor, Leslie Brady, founded this type of class 8 years ago, and she continues to grow with the dance industry, always learning how to teach new skills dancers need while keeping a strong foundation in progressional/developmental tumbling.  

Many dance studios have team tumbling classes or offer other tumbling classes at the studio.  While this is great to practice skills they already know on a harder floor, we truly believe you should leave tumbling to a dedicated tumbling instructor in a safer environment (a gymnastics gym) to learn challenging skills.  Tumbling can be dangerous without proper skill progression, a good foundation, and proper equipment. 

Level 1 

In this class your dancer will learn all of the basic, fundamental tumbling verbiage, body shapes, and positions to build a

strong and safe tumbling foundation!  There are no skill requirements to join any of our foundational classes. More emphasis

will be placed on form & technique in this class.  Any flaw in a tumblers skills can be traced back to their foundations, so this

is the most important level!

Level 2  

In this class your dancer will begin to build a stronger foundation for more advanced skills like aerials & back handsprings.  

We will also continue to improve foundations as we skill push! We will begin practicing other skills like kip ups, head springs, spiders, and other popular floor work skills.  Sometimes we will split the class into level 2 & 2.5 (those are more advanced, but not quite ready for level 3). This is an invitation only class.  There are skill requirements to join this class, Please contact to join this class!

Level 3 

With mastery of the fundamentals, in level 3, your dancer will begin to progress rapidly.  Students in this class really develop a style all their own.  This is an advanced class more for the independent worker to gain skills & combinations that play on their strengths to develop an amazing and impressive skill set used in dance to wow audiences!  We will teach more power tumbling, more advanced floor work, and endless tumbling combinations.  This is an invitation only class. For a list of skill requirements to join this class contact

If you have any questions, please contact us here:

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