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Performance Troupe

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Performance Troupe all ages
Class description: This program is for students with a passion for ground and/or aerial arts, that are eager to perform and collaborate with others to create full shows.

Students in Performance Troupe will be mentored by Bliss Button-Hale who is a  graduate of Circadium School of Contemporary Circus (the first an only accredited circus school in America). Bliss has been performing professionally for seven years, and chose a focus on directing and show production in college.

In class, troupe members will learn a mix of aerial arts, acrobatics, juggling, prop manipulation, contortion, etc. As the performers progress, they will naturally start to have preferred disciplines, and might be given solo or duo projects to focus on. Performance Troupe will produce multiple shows a year and be given opportunities to perform in the Nolensville community. This is a program designed to be a springboard for students who are hard-working and dedicated to performance art.

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