Summit Sports Center is thrilled to offer the only program of it’s kind in town: 

I.S.O Soccer Training (I: Individual  S: Skills  O: Optimization)

Soccer is “art”!  Each individual artist works with the other artists on the field to create a masterpiece. 

At the Youth level, especially, the quality of the masterpiece should not be measured by wins and losses

as this creates an exclusive system that breeds poor individual development. ISO isolates the individual

artist/player and allows them to focus on their individual development at their own pace!



Today’s soccer coaches are instructed by US Soccer and NSCAA to develop teams using dynamic coaching tools. 

“Dynamic” meaning practices are conducted using “game like activities” to promote overall team strategies

& “game like” decision making. This technique is outstanding for team development & understanding of the game. 

This technique also necessitates that players take initiative to improve individual technical skills (aka:  ball possession, strength, agility, quickness….etc.) outside of team practice. This area of development is the focus of ISO.

For more information, pricing, or to schedule your free trial class, please email Coach Breezy: Jamonn@summitsportscenter.com 


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