Available in Party Gym "A" 

How many guests can I invite?  

You can invite as many guests as you want at no additional charge.  Be aware we have 2 large rectangle tables that fit about 10 chairs at each table.  There is a food table, an area for presents, and an extra small rectangle table if needed.  We will have some extra space for additional guests, but the extra space would be standing room. 

What does Summit provide? 
  • Dodge Balls & Open Area to Play, Huge Obstacle Course Bounce House, Velcro Bounce House, and a 40 ft tumble Tumble Trak

  • 1 Party Host to help w/ Dodge Ball Battle & clean up

  • Party Tables & Chairs  

  • We do not provide any food/drinks/table clothes/utensils or party supplies

  • Party Invitation template

What Ages are the Dodge Ball Parties?

Dodge Ball Parties are only for ages 7+.  

What is the cost?  

$325  ($100 deposit must be paid to book & remainder paid on day of party)

How do I book a party?  

Click on the “Book your Party”  Button at the top of the page.  The page will take you to our customer portal.  Quickly & easily create your account, and the Birthday Party link will be to the left of your page.  Click the link and book your party!  

Liability Waivers?  

Every party participant must have a waiver signed by their parent/legal guardian to participate.  No exceptions will be made.  Please plan to send cousins, friends, car-poolers a copy of our waiver or direct them to print one from our website. 

Party Timeline: 1.5 hrs
  • Equipment/Play Time: 1 hour (if opening presents) or about 1 hr & 15 mins (if not opening presents & depending on what kind of food you will be serving)

    • We start with an icebreaker game that is age appropriate to get everyone in the gym laughing & playing with each other. Then we break into 2 teams, explain the rules, and play several different kinds of Dodge Ball games on our huge 54×45 ft spring floor using our colorful mats & equipment as obstacles to hide behind and jump over! 

    • We close with free bounce on our 40 ft Tumble Trak, Huge Obstacle Course Bounce House, as well as our Velcro Bounce House

    • Before going into the food area, we sanitize hands & take a group photo!  After play time, no party guests are permitted back on the carpeted areas or equipment.

  • Food/Cake/Presents:  15-30 mins

    • After the group photo, we will head to the party area.  This is a time for food, drinks, cake, & possibly opening presents if time permits. 

  • End of the Party: 

    • After your party time is up, Summit Staff will begin to clean up & make sure the area is ready for the next party. 

    • We ask that you respect our facility, and vacate the area after your time.

If you have any questions, please contact us here:


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