Covid 19 Birthday Party Protocols
Thank you for choosing Summit to host your party!  We are committed to doing our best amongst the uncertainty of the times to still provide our families with a place (in our 20k square foot facility) to help their child feel special on their birthday!  We have adopted the following Covid19 Policies for birthday parties.  These will be strictly followed, and we appreciate your adherence and patience!

Our staff will greet guests at the door & follow the below protocols:

  • Temperate will be taken and cannot be over 99 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Hands must be sanitized before leaving the vestibule area

  • Presents dropped off in the glass cases in the vestibule

  • Upon entry, you will be directed to a waiting area until the party starts

  • If any participants, including parents are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, they will not be allowed in the building:  fever, runny nose, frequent sneezing, and shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, prolonged stomach pains, or head ache.

All party participants including adults that enter the building past the vestibule must have a waiver on file.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

The deposit for the party is paid to book the party is non-refundable or transferrable for any reason, including anything Covid19 related.

The Friday before the party, the balance will be charged to your card on file that you used to book the party.  Once this is charged, it is non-refundable or transferrable for any reason, including anything Covid19 related.  If you cancel your party for any reason, you must notify us 48 hours in advanced.  If we do not hear from you, your card will be charged.

Party guests 20 or under

Adult observers 6 or under (please encourage parents to drop off, as they will not be allowed past the vestibule if the limit of 6 has been reached)

For Ninja, Gymnastics, Soccer, or Nerf, if party is over 12 participants we must be aware so we can provide an additional coach to split them up into two groups while doing themed activities. 

For Open Gym parties, there will not be splitting of groups of but distance guidelines while waiting in line for trampolines and other equipment.

There will be no “Food Time” or “Cake Time” for parties.  Please do not bring food into the gym. 

You are welcome to insert candy or cupcake in some way into party favors to be distributed upon leaving the building.

All party favors will be kept on top of our glass cases in the vestibule, and not brought into the gym.  Party favors will be handed out upon leaving the building.

Presents will also be stored in the vestibule and taken with host family upon leaving the building.  We will not offer present opening time in the gym.

Sealed beverage bottles only, w/ the party guest’s name or initials can be sat on bleachers or tables for the guests to drink.  Our water fountain is turned off per TN Dept. of Health & CDC recommendations.

Parties are normally 1.5 hours with an 1 hr on the floor play/theme time and 30 minutes for cake, drinks, and presents.  The additional ½ hour will now be spent on the floor with more play/theme time or free time on our equipment. We will get the kids together (6ft apart) for a group picture & sing happy birthday before they leave.

During the party, our party hosts will be wiping down frequently touched surfaces, and after each themed rotation and periodically throughout the party.   We may ask that party guests wash their hands or put on hand sanitizer if we deem it necessary throughout the party or before they get on certain equipment.

We must be able to sanitize and clean before the next party if we have parties back to back, so it is more important than ever that we adhere to the time restraints of your party.   We ask that you wrap up your party and vacate the building at your scheduled party time.   Our party hosts will more than happy to help you carry presents and any other items to your car!

If you have any questions, please email


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