June 1st - 5th 
July 6th -10th
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Before & After Care Available
$180 per child
Sibling Discount:  $10 each additional child
Deposit:  $75 deposit per child.  This is a non refundable fee.  This cannot be transferred to                            another week of camp.
Before 7:30 am 8:30 am & After Care Available 3:00 pm- 5:30 pm
      All Fees listed below are flat fees. 
     There are no discounts.
     No refunds on before or after care for any reason
     -Weekly Before & After Care:  $50
     -Weekly Before Care Only:  $20
     -Weekly After Care Only:  $40
     -Single Day Before & After Care:  $15
     -Single Day Before Care Only:  $5
     -Single Day After Care Only:  $10
*Before & After Care is a down time where campers can play with electronics, color or draw, play board games, or other activities.  We may go out on the equipment from time to time, but generally we will be in the lobby at tables or on the gymnastics floor playing games during this time.
Please note that to attend camp you will have payment information saved in our system.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child you will automatically be enrolled in After Care and your card on filed charged the Single Day After Care Rate
You cannot drop your child off before 8:30 am with out paying for Before Care. 
Ages:  5-12
We will group them into 4 groups throughout the week.  This will be largely age based, but we can put friends and/or siblings together upon request...just let us know:)
What will we do?
Morning Ice Breaker Warm Up Activity
Go Over Plan for the Day & Rules of the gym
Spend time on each Olympic Event (Floor, Bars, Beam, Vault) each day learning Gymnastics Fundamentals & new skills depending on each individual child's progression.
Another events session in preparation for our end of the week performance on Friday!
Last 30 Minutes of each day will give the campers a bit of free time to practice on their favorite event!
What should I wear?
A leotard or form fitting athletic clothes (no baggy clothing or things hanging off your leo or clothing)
No shoes or socks out on the gymnastics floor
Hair pulled back
May change clothes if desired if staying for after care
Friday Performance:
All week we be preparing to show friends & family what we have learned in a performance Friday after noon.  More details of the performance will be communicated the week of the camp!
Bring your own lunch 
Every Friday is Pizza Day if you are staying for the full day.  To make sure your child gets pizza & a drink, you click the pizza "camp" for the correct week, and pay the $7 fee. 
Pizza must be paid signed up & paid for by Friday morning at drop off time.  We have to call the pizza place with our orders early in the morning for them to have it ready by lunch time.  There are no refunds for any reason once pizza has been paid.
We have a water fountain
Snacks, water, Gatorade can be purchased at the gym
For after care, a small snack will be provided.  You are welcome to bring your own snack as well.


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