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Recreational Class Procedures

We will do our best to follow all procedures at all times.  With that being said, no protocols or procedures will keep everyone 100% safe.  By leaving your house & going to any public place, you are assuming risk of exposure to covid 19.  

Due to the nature & volatility of the times, we cannot issue any refunds or credits for any reason if classes are missed....even due to a gym wide shut down.  As always, we require a 30 day notice to drop any class, and we can offer make up classes for classes missed.

  • Spectators:  

    • Beginning August 10th, we will allow one parent in with your child to view classes

    • Everyone in the gym (other than students actively participating in classes) is required to wear a mask.

    • Everyone will be screened up entry in the vestibule.

    • Please practice social distancing in the gym.

    • There is limited seating in the lobby.  Please drop off if you can.

  • If any student, coach, or employee is showing symptoms of the following, they will not be permitted in the gym. 

    • Cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, fever, vomitting, upset stomach or diarrhea.

  • PROCEDURES for Dropping off:

    • Walk up to the front entrance and the front desk person will check you in by taking roll, hand sanitizing & taking your child's temp.  Your child will be directed to the bleachers marked with x six feet apart to wait for their class.  Temp cannot be above 99.

    • You must be signed up & paid ahead of time.

    • If you have questions, you can call the gym, and someone will help you.  We do not have the front desk open for payments or signing ups.  It must all be done online.  We will walk you through if you give us a shout.


    • You can come inside to pick up your child if you are wearing a mask.

    • You may also tell your child to meet you on the sidewalk or at your car after class if you they are old enough to do so.  Please communicate to your child what your preference will be if you are not staying to watch the class.

    • When class is out, your coach will walk the kids out to the lobby.

  • All coaches must wear masks (gloves are optional, but will keep hands sanitized constantly).  Masks are on when with in 6-10 feet of students & always when spotting.

  • Spotting will be kept to a minimum, but coaches will make sure masks are on & hands are sanitized and/or gloves when spotting

  • 3 people in the bathroom at a time.  Please encourage your students to go to the bathroom before you leave the house, and please discuss them only using the bathroom if completely necessary.  We are trying to limit surfaces touched as well as limiting traveling throughout the gym.

  • There are crates located throughout the gym containing hand sanitizer, tissues, spray sanitizer for mats, paper towels, band aids, and hair ties for easy access to items needed and to create less travel through out the gym. 

  • Mats & frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized frequently through out the day before/during/after classes.

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