Recreational Class Procedures

  • No spectators, parents, friends, or siblings are not allowed in the gym. 

    • Only persons allowed in the gym are coaches actively coaching classes and students enrolled in classes.  See drop off procedures below.

    • The ONLY exception is we will allow 1 parent in with the 3-4 yr old classes.

  • If any student, coach, or employee is showing symptoms of the following, they will not be permitted in the gym. 

    • Cough, runny nose, frequent sneezing, fever, upset stomach or diarrhea.

  • Water bottle with sealed lid, and shoes will be the only thing allowed to come in the gym. 

    • No cups w/ straws (drinks w/ sealed lids only)

    • No bags, backpacks, purses, or bags of extra clothing

    • No food, candy, or snacks of any kind


    • Coaches will be lined up outside with a sign that says Gymnastics (blue), Tumbling (orange), Ninja (red), or Trampoline (yellow).

    • Students should get out of your car & head toward your color.

    • Your coach will take you into the vestibule to check your temperature with a no touch thermometer and head in to the gym. Temp cannot be above 99.

    • Your first day of class, you will be handed a piece of paper with your child’s name & class on it that corresponds to the color of your class.  This will be used at pick up.

    • It is imperative you are on time for your class.

    • You must be signed up & paid ahead of time.

    • If you are not on the active roll for the class, you will not be allowed in the gym.

    • You must exit the drop off area once your child is in the building.  (if you are waiting for them in your car, that is fine, just move down a bit from the door)

    • If you have questions, you can call the gym, and someone will help you.  We do not have the front desk open for payments or signing up.  It must all be done online.  We will walk you through if you give us a shout.


    • Pull up to the front a few minutes before your class time is to let out.

    • Put your paper with your student’s name on it on your dash.

    • When class is out, your coach will walk the kids out to the front, and let them go to the corresponding car.  You must have the paper.

    • Please do not be late to pick up.  It is imperative you are on time, so we can vacate the parking lot & start the next class.

  • All coaches must wear masks & gloves

  • No spotting unless absolutely necessary for the athlete’s safety.

  • One person in the bathroom at a time.  Please encourage your students to go to the bathroom before you leave the house, and please discuss them only using the bathroom if completely necessary.  We are trying to limit surfaces touched as well as limiting traveling throughout the gym.

  • Coaches will be communicating to each other over classes & bathroom usage through “walkie talkies” to each other.

  • Water fountain will not be available per state of TN guidelines.

  • There are crates located throughout the gym containing hand sanitizer, tissues, spray sanitizer for mats, paper towels, band aids, and hair ties for easy access to items needed and to create less travel through out the gym. 

  • We have 15 min breaks between classes to wipe down all surfaces that the class used before the next class comes in.

Class Ratios per genre/age group:  There will only be two classes starting at the same time.

  • Gymnastics & Tumbling

    • 5-6:  4

    • 7-9:  6

  • Foundations 2 +:  6

  • Ninja:  All at 6

  • Pre-School:  3

  • Team:  8

Class Costs:  $75 for all classes

Registration Fees:  must be current

Class Descriptions & General Procedures:

  • All ages/levels of Tumbling:

    • All classes will be held on the purple floor, and they will remain on the purple floor unless the tumble track is open for a station.  One person on the tumble track at a time, and it will be wiped down after each class.

    • Only one tumbling class will be going on at the same time, so no other class will share any of the tumbling area or equipment.

    • We will warm up, stretch, & go through some basic skills 6 ft a part or more.

    • There will be stations for each student that are at least 6 ft a part or more.  Example:  if there are 6 students, there will be 6 stations.  Students will stay at that station for 5-10 minutes, then rotate stations.  Each station will be wiped down completely at the end of the allotted amount of time before the next students goes on the station.

  • 3-4 & 5-6 Gymnastics:

    • We will not do a "together" warm up.  When we enter the gym, we will go to our first event.​

    • We will have the entire recreational gymnastics area, & we will spread out at each event.

    • We will wipe down equipment & sanitize hands after each event rotation.

  • 7-9, 10+, Foundations 2, and Intermediate Gymnastics:

    • All classes will warm up on & stretch on the blue floor in front of the purple floor 6 ft or more apart.

    • Two to three events will be attended per class including floor, vault, beam.  Bars will be very limited.  

    • At each event, there will be stations correlating with the number of students in each class.  They will stay at that station for 2-3 minutes, then rotate to the next station.

    • We will sanitize hands & wipe down mats before going to the next station.

  • All Ninja Warrior Classes:

    • We will not do a group warm up due to space & social distancing.

    • Each class we will utilize the following.  We will sanitize hands, & each station will be wiped down before the next student rotates to the station.  Each station will be about 10 minutes:

      • Warped wall

      • Conditioning area

      • Jump or Obstacle Challenge area

      • Trampoline 1

      • Trampoline 2

      • Rope

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