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Gym Closing Read Below:

Good after noon summit families!

We have remained open during so far, b/c our staff depends on Summit for a paycheck & our students, a safe place to practice what they love doing, whether be gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, trampoline, ninja warrior, aerial silks, soccer training, or just general fitness!

Over the years, we have been closed only a hand full of times other than planned holiday breaks, so this was a very hard decision for us. 

At this point, we feel it is best for our community that we shut down for all recreational classes, team practices, and special events.  We will shut down the rest of this week indefinitely and more than likely for next week as well.  We will be rescheduling all classes, as well as cheer clinics and our recreational cheer program.  We will be offering make up classes, free open gyms, and free parent’s night for our families missing classes and practice over the next week or more.

From our humble beginning to where we are now, it’s obvious we have poured money back into this gym and our community.  I say that to say this….We all must continue to support our local businesses in any way we can, so when this is over, we have a gym and other businesses to go back to.  Sooooo, with all that being said…..we are not going to sit our bums for this time off.  We will still be here….working for you!!!  We are super excited to announce that we will be putting out virtual content.  We will be going live with classes twice per week for all of our programs.  Everyone will receive an additional email with a schedule of virtual events.  So be sure to like us on FB & follow us on Instagram as we will go live on FB & Instagram. There will also be pre-recorded videos for anyone that wants an additional challenging work out, more drills, and lists of exercises for specific programs we offer in the gym.     

Lastly, Lisa is our billing & admin expert, and she has worked very hard over the past few days to be there for our customers with questions. She will be answering the phone from home & responding to emails for a few hours each morning if you have any questions.  Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you online for the next week or so, and please take care of your selves, be safe, be nice, love each other and stay active.


Leslie Brady & Summit Staff

Virtual Classes

  • Classes will be about 30 mins each & will be able to be completed with house hold items or no equipment at all.

  • We will use Facebook Live.  All you have to do is go to our Face Book page & you will see us going live. Videos will be uploaded to our page for future viewing if you can't make the time of the class.

  • Schedules will be emailed & posted each week

Click here to see all  videos!

Pre-Recorded Workouts & Challenges

We will also have pre-recorded videos for competitive team work outs, work out challenges, as well as videos with equipment if you have bars, beams, or mats at home. 

Click here to see all of our pre-recorded videos!