Recreational Boys & Girls Beginner Gymnastics Ages:  3-4

The first independent class where children begin to explore the fantastic world of gymnastics with Mom & Dad watching from our lobby! Our small ratio of 6 athletes to 1 instructor guarantees that each class will be structured, safe, educational, and most importantly – FUN! This class focuses on body awareness, coordination and fundamental gymnastics skills to start introducing more developed skills such as the forward roll, handstand, and cartwheel. This class will also help your child learn to participate happily in a group environment!

Boys  5-6 yr olds

At 5 our boys can choose to go:

*General Tumbling for 5-6 yr olds  (see tumbling page for more info)

*Ninja Warrior for 5-6 yr olds (see below for more info)

*Trampoline & Tumbling 5+ yrs (email for more info)

Recreational Boys Gymnastics 7+

In this class, we turn up the activity & skill level!  Each week our boys will participate in circuits on the bars, pommel, mushroom, vault, floor, and trampolines or our 60 ft Tumble Trak!  They will learn skills that build strength, grip, coordination, and balance to help them succeed in any sport or go further with gymnastics or tumbling!  


Summit Ninja Warrior Class is for boys & girls that want to build strength, flip & jump over obstacles, swing from the bars/rings, climb on balance beams, and fly high on the trampolines!   

*Lil’ Ninjas:  3-4 yr olds

In this class, we run through our 3-4 yr old gymnastics stations including bars, tumbling, and a jumping section.  Lil’ Ninjas will also get to try our mini warped wall, rock wall, ring line, and bounce on our trampolines and 60 ft tumble trak!  

*Shadow Ninjas:  5/6 yr olds

Now that our Lil’ Ninjas are older, this class will focus on strength building and technique.  More time will be spent on the ninja equipment like bars & rings, and the jumping stations will become more difficult!  At this age they will also begin using the salmon ladder & trying to get all the way up warped wall!  Each class will also still get their trampoline &/or tumble trak time!

*Samurai Ninjas:  7-9 yr olds

This class will be much like the Shadow Ninjas utilizing strength building techniques, as well as our ninja equipment like our mini warped wall, rock wall, ring line, salmon ladder, and our gymnastic equipment.  Since this is an older group they will be challenged with more specific drills to isolate skill sets.

*Master Ninjas:  10+ yrs

This class will utilize all of our ninja equipment, bars, climbing ropes, and other gymnastics equipment, as our ninjas go through challenging circuits of strength building, tests of coordination, with the occasional timed obstacle!  In this class some will also get into flipping & tumbling! 

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